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Executive Recruitment

Business Challenges

The last year has been a challenging time for Achieve Training, as it has for many independent training providers, leading to the first financial loss in the history of the organisation. The global pandemic has had a massive impact on all training providers, as three lockdowns and a year of  social distancing have significantly impacted on our ability to continue training and recruitment to  apprenticeships. We have responded positively with a shift to online learning and support, but  there has been an inevitable impact on the financial health of the business. We are currently  reviewing all our operations to ensure they are put on a sustainable footing for the future.

 As a wholly owned subsidiary of Aspire Housing, Achieve Training has benefitted significantly from  the support of its parent, both financially and practically. A break-even budget is likely for  2021/2022, followed by a return to profit in the following years. Achieve Training’s profits have in  the past been used to reinvest in the business whilst providing funds, through Gift Aid, to support the activities of our own charity, Realise, and we hope this is a position we can return to as the  country recovers from the pandemic. In recent years, operating profits were approximately  £922,000 in 2019, £204,000 in 2018 and £525,000 in 2017.